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About Us

D.C. Works, Inc., Founder, Bob Warfel, was involved with the septic and sewer system industry since 1964. Mr. Warfel had installed over 1500 aerobic sewage treatment units in 15 years. In 1991, Mr. Warfel had rocks made to cover the aerobic sewage treatment units, lift pumps and pipes because of customer complaints that lids and pipes sticking above ground are unsightly.

In 1998, Mr. Warfel quit installing and repairing septic systems, sewers, and aerobic sewage treatment units and started D.C. Works, Inc. D.C. Works, Inc. makes and sells various types of fake rocks and lawn ornaments.  Soft pillow foam and foam rubber rocks can be used for school plays, church productions, movie sets, and trade shows. Polyurethane rocks help hide unwanted objects, or they can be used for landscaping purposes. All of our polyurethane rocks and lawn ornaments, foam rocks, and foam rubber rocks are made at our shop in Kansas.


I make fake rocks by making my own molds from real rocks for realistic texture that shows cracks and crevices. I spray Polyurethane Plastic in the mold, remove the part from the mold, then hand paint the rocks. Rocks are made to be left outside year around in heat and snow.


Here is a picture of Bob making a rock by spraying the polyurethane structural plastic in a mold.